Parking at the Palm Beach Hotel requires a parking placard. After checking in and receiving parking placard at the Front Desk, hang it on your rearview mirror while re-parking your car 3 short blocks north of Sunrise Avenue along either Bradley Place or N. County Road where the signs are posted for 2-hour parking.
Your placard is NOT assigned to Permit Parking along Seminole and the other side streets and it is not for the 2-hour spaces next to Chase Bank. It's only for those regions 3 short blocks north of Sunrise Avenue and only along N. County and Bradley Place where the 2-hour parking spaces begin.
Parking in front of the hotel is limited to one hour between 9 AM and 6 PM daily.
Tip: if you happen to arrive around 6 PM, you can park your car in front of the hotel and leave it overnight until 10 AM the next morning. This can be done without a placard. Please move your car by 10 AM or risk getting ticketed with a $50 fine.
Please remember to return your parking placard to your room upon departure. You may incur a $50 replacement fee if the placard is lost.


Palm Beach is located in South Florida along the East Coast. We are south of the main continental body of the United States near the end of a long peninsula. Because of this, we are protected from the colder effects of winter, however we still experience chilly nights, 40 or so degrees, during the arrival of cold fronts during the winter, which usually warm up in a matter of a couple days. During the summer Palm Beach is hot, but the ocean is cool and the breezy nights can make up for heat in magical ways. As a native Floridian, I can attest to beauty of summer nights along the coastal regions of Florida. Winter is also our dry season, while summer is our rainy season with mainly afternoon, sporadic rain showers. During the winter the rain comes less frequently but does still occur.

Breakfast Options

We have a number of small restaurants near the hotel serving breakfast. At this time we do not offer breakfast delivery options, but there are apps, like Delivery Dudes, that will deliver meals from local restaurants. For a close options there is Greens Pharmacy and Amici Italian Deli is next door. There is also Publix Grocery store across the street and further, but still close we have a number of small restaurants located along Royal Poinciana Blvd and in Royal Poinciana Plaza located across Royal Poinciana Blvd near the bridge.

Beach Walk

The local beach is about a 7 minute walk from the hotel. Just proceed out the front door of the hotel, take a left and keep walking past the hotel, across South County Road to the end of Sunrise, turn left walk another 100 feet where the entrance to the beach is on the right. There is also a more shadier walk along a small access road just north of Amici Deli.


For stays longer than three days, we like to collect wet towels and provide dry towels. We also provide a fresh towel exchange upon demand for an additional fee, but please give us some notice during daytime hours. We will provide fresh towels upon demand only between 10am and 3pm.


We do not allow pets at all, service or otherwise. All of our room are privately owned. Our room owners prefer their rooms to be always ready for guests with allergies and other sensitivities.


The rooms are small and full of items that are probably not suitable for children to play with. Babies under 2 can be accommodated with a crib at the guest's cost upon advanced request, more than one week. Kids older than 12 can be accommodated, but they will be treated as another room occupant.


The Fob is a small black chip on a lanyard or key chain that should be located in your room and should be left in the room upon departure. It allows easy entry in the pool area as well as late entry into the hotel itself any time past 8 pm. Please make sure you have your Fob if you plan to return late to the hotel or risk having to wait outside for 15 minutes if the night guard happens to be on rounds.

Guest Access

Guests have access to the pools area, the laundry room, the foyer and the sitting areas in the lobby. There is also a wonderful mezzanine for reading and playing cards or even general laptop work. The Fob is needed for some of these areas.


We do not provide safes as of now. The Frontdesk will not accept items to hold either.

Island Safety

Please be careful of the traffic. There are elderly drivers and tight situations for guests, especially on Sunrise Avenue. It can be busy. The island itself is a safe area for walking around. Caution must be exercised if you plan to walk over the Royal Poinciana bridge, or the north bridge nearest to the hotel. If doing so, please avoid turning right and walking north toward Palm Beach Lakes, especially if planning to walk to the Palm Beach Outlets. This is not recommended. Driving or a cab is safer. If planning to walk or bike across the bridge, take a left going south toward Clematis street and the next bridge south which is connected to Okeechobee Blvd.

Do I need a car to get around?

You can definitely get around if you like walking and biking. Close by the Hotel there is Flagler museum, the historic Paramount Theater, Royal Poinciana Plaza shops and restaurants, the shops and restaurants along the Royal Poinciana Blvd, The Breakers, the amazing Island Bike path, Publix grocery store, local churches and synagogues, dry cleaners, pharmacies, banks, and spas. Further on within a 30 minute walk or 15 minute bike ride there are the shops and restaurants of Worth Ave, Pan's Garden, Four Arts Museum and Gardens, Clematis street, other Public beaches and more.