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Learn how we conduct business in Palm Beach, FL

You can book with Tropicals of Palm Beach through a third-party site like Expedia, Airbnb or Orbitz. The process is simple and easy. Once you've booked a room, we'll send you a welcome letter with instructions on how to get to the hotel and check in to your room. We'll provide you with a parking pass and a room key.

Our rooms are located just five minutes away from the beach. You'll be able to spend the day swimming or sunbathing before coming back to a comfortable studio room to sleep.

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How do we set you up with a vacation rental that suits you?

Our service is similar to Airbnb and other rental sites. You can seek out the amenities you need with ease. We'll make sure you get a room that fits your situation, whether that means one with two beds or with an additional living space.

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