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Trying to book a place to stay for your beach trip can be stressful. We're here to make it as easy as possible. Our short-term vacation rentals are easy to book and perfect for any vacation. We have studio-style rooms for rent just a five minute walk from the beach.

Spend the day lounging in our swimming pool, or take a dip in the ocean. Our luxury rentals have plenty of amenities to make your vacation memorable. What's better than a vacation rental with a swimming pool?

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Grab Your Sunscreen and Swimsuit

Enjoy the beach better with our vacation rentals in Palm Beach, FL

Looking for a tropical getaway? Tropicals of Palm Beach has the vacation rentals you've been after. You'll get a luxury space where you can unwind after a day of splashing in the surf or sunbathing on the sand.

You deserve a trip to the beach. Our rooms are great for:

  • Couples on a romantic getaway
  • Parents taking a break from their kids
  • Anyone who needs some time to unwind
  • Empty nesters flying the coop for a weekend

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What makes Tropicals of Palm Beach right for you?

We've been in business since 2014. Our short-term rentals are great for people looking to stay in the area for about a week. We're happy to respond to your questions and requests. Our staff is extremely accommodating. You can expect excellent communication and customer service.